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Tata Photon Plus

Now, high speed Internet is at your fingertips – Tata Photon Plus/ Maxwifi / Max is now here with amazing speed. You can enjoy mobile Internet at speeds nearing 3G (up to 3.1 Mbps/6.2 Mbps). The speed is 20 times more than the present Tata Indicom USB net which provides a speed of 153 Kbps. The device provides 3.1 Mbps upload and 1.8 Mbps download speeds. The Tata Photon is currently priced at Rs. 1299 and can be availed in 60 cities where Tata’s High Speed Internet Access or HSIA is available. There would be more cities to be covered under the HSIA in the near future. Tata Photon Plus can be used on Plug 2 Surf 1x or 153 kbps speeds. Previous to this, users had to go in for Tata Photon Whiz, Tata Plug 2 Surf (Tata USB card) or Tata Indicom wireless data card. But now, you have the option of choose from Tata Indicom CDMA 1x USB modem, Tata Indicom broadband, Tata Indicom plug 2 surf, Tata Indicom wireless broadband connection, Tata Indicom data card Internet and Tata Indicom CDMA USB modem. You can browse the Net at high speeds and seamlessly with this device. Tata Photon Plus has simply revolutionized the mobile Internet market. It has redefined mobile Web surfing. Tata Photon has given a new dimension to social and entertainment applications on mobile. By carrying your mobile you would now be virtually carrying your world with you, wherever you go. Most excitingly, free national roaming is available with Tata Photon Plus.

There are introductory offers for Tata Photon both under Prepaid and Postpaid categories. There are different voice and data offers which can be availed as per one’s requirements and choice. The plans range from Rs. 650 to Rs. 1200 category

For any queries regarding Tata Photon you can contact on the 24-hour dedicated Toll Free number - 1800 266 121. The time for the complaints has been reduced to 6 working hours and is monitored by the top management in Tata. There are a range of services available such as Tata broadband plans, Tata Indicom data cards, Tata wireless broadband and Tata Indicom USB modem.


Tata Photon Plus is available up to a high speed of 3.1 Mbps. It is important to state here that speed or connectivity quality of Photon Plus depends on number of factors. These factors include: The time of surfing such as morning or peak hours, during which capacity is divided and speed is slow or night time when there is much less usage; total number of Photon Plus users at a time. There are many Tata Photon Plus base stations covering their respective and particular areas or jurisdictions. So, the speed also depends on the number of users accessing the Net at one time; the signal also gets weakened because of obstructions between the base station and the location of the user. For example, if the user is using the Tata Photon connection at the basement of a building then the signal strength is significantly reduced; Photon Plus connectivity speed also depends on the server capacity of the websites accessed by the Photon user. The servers of other sites may be slow to respond and hence slow speed. Another factor is the location of servers accessed. The server of a site located outside India takes longer time than a server located in India. For example, is accessible in less time than; the number of simultaneous open windows or sites also affects the speed. Opening more web pages in multiple windows divides the speed and speed is lowered. If the user is downloading and uploading data at the same time, then speed gets divided and hence slowed; Photon Plus speed also gets affected by the number of hops between Tata and the end user. Hops or gateways between Tata and the user, such as VSNL and others, significantly decreases the speed of Tata Photon Plus connection. So, the capacity responds according to the speed or capacity of other hops or gateways
Approximate Activation time for any connection is 7 working days if all documents are accepted by the login team. Service tax extra as applicable.

All free gifts carry's manufacturer warrants, we take no responsibility for any kind of error & omission on their part. Tata, Tata Indicom & Tata Photon Plus etc are trade mark of TTSL group of companies. All other products and names mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Availability and performance may vary by location. While has made every effort to ensure accuracy of the information provided here-in, product specifications, availability, configuration, warranty term and prices are subjected to change without prior notice. will not be liable for any pictorial errors. ^Offer valid till stock last.
Tata Photon Plus
  • Tata Photon Plus Postpaid Speed Upto 3.1 Mbps for Rs999/-  (Without Laptop Bag) Rs1199/- ( With Laptop Bag)
  • Tata Photon Max WIfi Postpaid Speed upto 6.2 Mbps Connect upto 5 devices for Rs 1999/-
  • Special Offers and Plans for Corporates for Tata Photon Plus Data Cards & Voice Connections

  • Tata Indicom CDMA SIm Card Connection with unlimited Local & STD Callings.
  • Laptop Bag Free with Photon Max / Photon Plus Post-paid Plans of Rs 1000 and above.

* The offers are brought to you by the Channel Partner and not by TTSL

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